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Welcome to the t-shirt shop of Stupid Idiot Club, the place that connects both the casual idiot and the professional moron.

Amuse both friends and family with a funny t-shirt with the words I'm a STUPID IDIOT printed in front. This humorous design is also available on other clothing and merchandise.

Join the stupid idiot club today!

WARNING! Use of the stupid idiot club t-shirt or other products may be bad for your reputation and will make you look like a stupid moron.

The stupid idiot t-shirt makes a great gift item if you want to annoy someone.

Idiot is the term for a person affected by idiocy. Similarly, the terms imbecile and moron once had scientific definitions that have now been superseded. Wikipedia

Stupid a Slow of mind or given to unintelligent decisions or acts b acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c lacking intelligence or reason. Websters

Update - Shop Closed

I just didn't feel good about trying to make people call themselves or others a stupid idiot, so shop closed by june 2011. Lets see if there is any future use for this domain....

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